For the Ultimate Sweater Machine®

Windowpane Afghan
designed by Marilyn Losee

55" X 68"(excluding fringe)

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Chart 1:
Color Placement Diagram
& Color Chart Key

Chart 2:
Embroidery Placement,
Embroidery Key
& Embroidery Stitch Key

Fringe Diagram

Ultimate Sweater Machine®
Caron International's
Simply Soft
(100% acrylic, 6oz/168g):
3 skeins off white #9702 (A)
2 skeins each colonial blue #9709 (B); bone #9703 (C); Victorian rose #9721 (D)
Crochet hook size H/8 (5mm)
Split stitch markers or WY
Stitch holders

NOTE 1: You may find it easier to work 2 or 3 Panels, then work the embroidery on those panels before continuing.
NOTE 2 : Color Placement Diagram is given for machine knitting version, WS facing; reverse for hand knitting.


ADDITIONAL MATERIALS: Size US 8 (5mm) knitting needles, or size to obtain gauge
GAUGE: Using size 8 (5mm) needles and in st st: 18 sts and 24 rows = 4"/10cm

Afghan may be worked in one piece, in st st, Intarsia method , or worked as individual panels and sewn together. Follow Chart 1 for color placement.

Intarsia: Work according to Chart 1 , using a separate ball of yarn for each color area. When changing colors, wrap next color around previous color used to prevent a hole.

STITCHES USED: Basic Embroidery stitches

PANELS (Make 7)
Panel 1: Using D, CO 30 sts. * Work even in st st for 38 rows *, pm; rep from ** once. Change to C; work 38 rows. Cont following Chart 1, changing colors and pm as shown, until 9 color blocks have been worked; BO all sts loosely.
Work Panels 2 – 7 following Chart 1.

ONE PIECE (Intarsia Method)
Following Chart 1, CO 30 sts in each color. (RS) Beg st st Intarsia; changing colors and pm as shown, [markers will help to position embroidery], work 38 rows for each of the 9 horizontal Color Block Rows shown on Chart 1. Work even until Chart is completed; BO all sts loosely.

Using A, CO 9 sts; work in k1, p1 Rib until piece, slightly stretched, measures 68" or same as long side of Afghan, [342 rows; pm every 38 rows if desired, then match to color changes when attaching]; BO loosely in patt.

Hand version: If worked as separate Panels, sew panels tog, matching markers to color changes.
Both versions: Work Embroidery, following Chart 2, if not worked as panels were completed.
Using 1 strand of A, work Horizontal and Vertical lines along seams and color changes, as given in Embroidery Key.
Sew Side edging to each long side, [matching markers to color changes, if used].
Machine version: Unravel extra rows at top of Side edging and BO rem sts in patt.
Both versions: Top and Bottom Edging: Using crochet hook and A, sc in EOR st across; fasten off.
Fringe: Using A, cut pieces 14" long. Using crochet hook and 4 strands held tog, fold strands in half and attach to EOR sc across. Following Fringe diagram, tie a knot approx 1" down from edge, using 4 strands each from 2 adjacent groups, [8 strands in each knot].
Weave in ends.


Suitable for USM/ISM/Bond Classic or 6.5 to 9 mm knitting machine

GAUGE: Using USM/ISM KP #3 or appropriate tension setting, in st st with MY: 18 sts and 24 R = 4"/10cm


Sew-as-you-go: see Ultimate Sweater Machine Pattern Book.

Basic Embroidery Stitches

1. Using closed edge CO method, starting at left with D, CO 30 sts. RC=000
2. K to RC=038, pm. RC=000
3. Following Chart 1, work rem color blocks, pm where indicated; reset RC every 38 R.
4. BO all sts loosely using chain st method.

PANELS 2 - 7
1. Work rem panels, following Chart 1; use sew-as-you-go method to join.

1. Using closed edge CO method, starting at left with A, CO 9 sts. RC=000
2. K to RC=350, [pm every 38 rows, if desired].
3. Convert EOR st, beg St 2, for k1, p1 Rib.
4. Scrap off or place sts on holder.

Work as for hand knit version.

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