For the Pocket Knitter™

"Blissed-Out" Scarf

by Marilyn Losee

Scarf measures approximately 5 1/2" wide by 60" long, excluding fringe

One size

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Pocket Knitter™
Caron International's Bliss (60% acrylic, 40% nylon; 1.76 oz/50 g, 82 yds/75 m):
#0009 Jade, 2 balls;
Caron International's Fabulous (100% nylon; 1.76 oz/50 g, 160 yds/146 m ball):
# 0010 Blue Lagoon, 1 ball.
Tapestry needle 
Crochet Hook size J or K

Gauge is not critical for this project.

Garter stitch (Garter st)
Stockinette stitch (St st)

Refer to Pocket Knitter instruction manual (page 4) for working Garter st edges on scarf.

Measure out 16 yards Bliss and Fabulous and set aside for making fringe.
Cast On 14 sts.
Establish Pattern: Work 2 sts in Garter st, 10 sts in Stockinette st, 2 sts in Garter st.
Continue as established until piece measures 60" from the beginning (or until you run out of Bliss). Bind Off all sts.

Fringe:  Cut 40 lengths of 14” of Bliss and Fabulous.  Attach 10 fringes of 2 strands of each yarn to each end of scarf.

Using tn, weave in ends.