For the Pocket Knitter™

Child's Beaded Purse

by Cari Clement

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Finished dimensions (with flap closed): 5½” wide x 7½” high

Pocket Knitter™
Caron International's Simply Soft Quick (100% acrylic; 3 oz/85.1g, approx 50 yds/46m):  1 skein #0014 Grape; 47 silver pony beads; crochet hook size US J/10 (6mm), or size to obtain gauge; tapestry ndl.


  1. Use a dental floss threader or beading needle to thread the yarn with 18 beads (for the front flap).
  2. Slide the beads along the yarn until you start to use them. 
  3. Cast on and knit until you reach the place where you’d like to have a bead.
  4. Slide down the bead so it sits just to the side of every other Fin.
  5. Knit the row.
  6. Note for future projects:  it’s best to stagger the beads on different stitches so it doesn’t distort your knitting.
  7. Also, note that the beads tend to be more obvious on the reverse side (purl) side of the knitting, however, they are also quite visible on the knit side.  Use whatever side you prefer.


This pattern starts with the flap.

  1. Cast on the 14 fins and work 1 row even.
  2. Knit 1 row reverse stitch.
  3. Knit 1 row even.
  4. Knit 1 row reverse stitch.
  5. Knit 3 rows even.
  6. Slide down beads, following the chart, placing them where there’s a circle on the chart.
  7. When you have completed the chart, knit 5 rows even.
  8. Knit 1 row reverse stitch. 
  9. Knit 28 rows (6¾”) even (for the back).
  10. Knit 1 row reverse stitch.
  11. Knit 28 rows even (for the front)
  12. Bind off across.


  1. Thread yarn with remaining beads.
  2. Cast on 3 stitches, leaving a 12” end (for sewing the strap to the purse).
  3. Knit even for 4 rows.
  4. Knit the first stitch, slide down the bead, knit it and the last stitch.
  5. Knit 2 rows even.
  6. Repeat Steps 4 & 5 until all the beads have been used.
  7. Knit 4 rows even.
  8. Bind off, leaving a 12” end.


Fold front up along reverse stitch.  Sew front to back at sides.  Work 1 row single crochet around front flap and front edge.  Sew strap to purse at sides.

Now try knitting your own jewelry using the beading technique above!