For the Embellish-Knit!™

Embellished Photo Box
This is more of a technique than a pattern, but the variety of embellishing possible is unlimited. You can also use this technique for scrapbook covers – and even purses.

Plain photo box
Peel n Stick™ (or other double-faced adhesive sheets) – enough to cover the lid and sides of the lid.
Pencil and thin-line permanent marker
Various lengths of cording in suitable colors
Embellishments such as felt, string, gems, etc.

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Draw the outline of your design on the photo box and outline the drawing using the permanent marker pen. Remove the paper from one side of the PeelnStick sheet and adhere it to the lid and lid sides of the box. Trim the PeelnStick to the outlines of the lid. (See diagram below.)

Remove the remaining paper on the PeelnStick, apply the cording and embellish to suit.