For the Embellish-Knit!™

Braided Scarf


1 skein each of 9 different coordinating fancy yarns (suitable for use on the Embellish-Knit!)

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(The scarf is made by braiding 9 double strands of cording.)

Step 1: Knit 15 feet of cording in 9 different coordinating yarns.
Step 2: Cut each strand in half and finish off the ends. You will now have a total of 18 separate cords, each about 7 1/2 feet long.
Step 3: While holding 2 strands of each color together, arrange the 9 sections of cording in the desired sequence you want them to appear in the braid.
Step 4: Follow the 5-strand braid technique, but use 9 strands instead of 5. (This multiple-braiding technique can be applied to any odd number of strands.) Begin braiding at one end and continue braiding to within 8 inches of the other end.
Step 5: Tie a small piece of cording (in any of the yarns) around the ends of the braid (about 8 inches from each end).

1. Stitch or pin the ends of five lengths of cording together to secure.
2. Bring the left strip over the strip to its immediate right (diagram 1).
3. Then bring the right strip over the strip to its left, under the next strip and over the one after that (diagram 2).
Continue braiding by repeating these two steps, always using the outer left and right strips.

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