For the Embellish-Knit!™

Fabulous Cord
Fringed Necklace


Designed by Kathy Perry


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Caron International’s Fabulous (100% Nylon, 1.76oz/50g, 160yds/146m): Color #0013 Country Cottage, 1 ball
Silver choker for base
32  6-7mm silver beads with 3-4mm opening
Jewelry glue
Needle and thread
Tapestry needle (tn)

Using Embellish Knit and Fabulous yarn, make a cord using entire ball.
Cut cord into 32 pieces with lengths varying from 3-6”.
Unravel both ends leaving long tails.
Using needle and thread, thread one tail end into bead using a small amount of jewelry glue to secure. Trim end close to bead. Continue making all 32 cords with beads. Let glue dry.
Unravel opposite tail ends of cords to desired graduated lengths and secure.
Finished cords should vary in length from 1 ¾” to 4 ¼” which allows for a ¼ turn under on choker.
Arrange cords around choker so that lengths are graduated all around with the longest in center front.
Attach cords as arranged, turning under ¼” around choker and securing with tn. Weave in yarn ends, lightly glue and cut.