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For the Cool Corder™

Cool Corder Purse

Cool Corder™
2 skeins of yellow baby yarn and 1 skein of gold yarn
6 mm large hole beads (8 clear amber, 8 dark blue, 4 blue, 8 gold, 8 turquoise, 4 dark turquoise, 4 copper, 4 dark brown, 2 brown)


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Knit one 14", five 9-yard and three 4 1/2 yard pieces of yellow cord. Knit five 6" pieces of gold cord. Make three yards of braid using 5-yard pieces of yellow cord. Sew into a circle. Sew up sides for 5". Cut 14" cord in half, knot one end of each piece and thread through center of sides of purse, tie in a bow. Make 1 1/2yards of braid using three 4 1/2yard pieces of yellow cord, sew to sides of purse for handle. Referring to photo, tie gold cord to front of purse with lark’s head knots. Thread beads on tails and knot ends to secure.


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