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For the Cool Corder™

Cool Corder
Loopy Scarf

36 inches

Cool Corder™
Caron International
Simply Soft Brites
1 skein each
#9603 Papaya and #9610 Grape

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See these different colorways below:
Fiesta Scarf
Confetti Scarf

Step 1: Cut two six-foot lengths of Papaya yarn and set aside.
Step 2: Knit both skeins of yarn into cording.
Step 3: Fold one 6-foot strand of Papaya yarn in half to double it. (This will be the 3-foot base of the scarf)
Step 4: Thread the tapestry needle with this doubled strand of yarn and tie it to one end of the Grape cording. With the Grape cording, make a 2” loop and insert the tapestry needle through its base. Make another 2” loop and repeat the threading. (See image #1) Continue threading on the loops until all the Grape cording has been threaded onto the doubled strand. Pull the strand to tighten the loops.
Step 5: Using the second length of Papaya yarn, do the same for the Papaya cording (threading on the loops and going back through the Grape loops as you go) until reaching the end of the base yarn. (See image #2)
Step 6: Secure at the end.

Try these great color combinations:

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Caron Simply Soft Brites
Mango #9605
Watermelon #9604

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Caron Simply Soft Brites
Lemonade #9606
Limelight #9607
Grape #9610


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