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For the Cool Corder ™:

Tips, Hints and Troubleshooting

Welcome to the Cool Corder™ help page.
We hope these instructions will assist you in your Cool Corder projects. For further help, please consult the instructions that came with your Cool Corder machine.

To thread machine, pull yarn from ball. Thread yarn through lower guide, over upper guide and down through the tube. Attach the clip weight to end of yarn. Hold yarn at first so it does not fall through the tube. Check to make sure all the latches are open.

Be sure to use the practice yarn that comes with your machine.

Turn handle in direction of the arrow until the first needle catches the yarn.

Note: If your machine is brand new, the handle may feel a bit stiff and will need to be "rocked" back and forth a bit to help spread the lubrication throughout the workings of the machine. This will take a few rounds of knitting to accomplish, but then you're good to go!

Pass the yarn behind the second needle and continue turning the handle slowly until the third needle catches the yarn.


Pass the yarn behind the fourth needle and continue turning the handle until the first needle catches the yarn.

Make sure the weight pulls the first loop below the latch. If not, push the loop down with your finger.


Continue turning the handle until all the needles have caught yarn. Pull down on the yarn coming out of the tube every few turns at the start to make sure the stitches have formed. Move the weights up as needed and let cord untwist.

Be sure yarn is always feeding freely and there is no tension or your Cool Corder will not knit properly. The weight must hang freely at all times or you will drop stitches.


When cord is the desired length, cut yarn at upper guide and continue turning until cord drops through tube. Thread needle with end of yarn and pass needle through the four loose stitches, pull tight. Thread the yarn tail through the center of the cord.

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